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Personal experiences with Zencart

Zencart was the first shopping cart that I ever tried to install and that was a few years ago. There have been many improvements to Zen since then, but it is still a very frustrating piece of software to install and get into a workable situation.

In order to make it work in a reasonable fashion, one must install “addons” or plugins.  This has always been a crap shoot for me.  It seems that plugins must be installed in some unknown sequence so that the entire set-up is not broken.  Adding the plugins have a tendency to break the workability of everything.

I am not a programmer….not a techie….therefore Zencart installation can be a nightmare.

Over the years, I have made three installations of Zencart actually work as designed. Therefore, I know that it does work. I have had at least a dozen installations fail. It is always some little thing. This is a tempermental piece of software that requires some techie know-how to set up properly…….Once set up, it works as good as any shopping cart.

I was building a new store using Zencart shopping cart for Carolina China. It was coming along nicely ….but….After about a dozen attempts to get Zencart installed properly…..I was successful up until the last phase….The last phase was to make sure the check out procedure would actually check out…..Failed….

Enough is enough….My time is worth something, so I am biting the bullet and moving to a commercial shopping cart. There is still some set-up to perform, but it is clicking the mouse….not trying to play programmer…No more Zen for me…



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