Gregory Vineyards

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Gregory Vineyards features lakefront Vineyards, a Winery, Distillery, Tasting Room, & Lane’s Seafood & Steak House.

Gregory Vineyards and Lane’s Seafood & Steak House are located near the town of Angier. Angier is located on highway 210 some miles south of Raleigh.

The winery grounds is a quiet country setting and is a beautiful place to host a party, wedding, or any other special event.

Click here to view the Gregory Vineyard web site.

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Gregory has red wines, white wines and blends. Also they have fortified wines. These wines are blended with the spirits made in the onsite distillery.


Fortified Wines

Red Apple Shine
**Red Apple Shine- (20% alcohol content)
Sweet White Fortified Muscadine Wine

Gregory Vineyards Tarheel Hosting 3

**Fearless- (20% alcohol content)
Sweet White Fortified Muscadine & Peach Blend

Buckhead Billy
**Buckhead Billy- (18% alcohol content)
​Sweet Red Fortified Muscadine Wine
Pairs with: Spicy foods and pastas with red sauce

Spend a few hours in the tasting room sampling the collection of wines and then have a fabulous meal at the Lanes Seafood & Steak restaurant.



Gregory Vineyards



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