Combine Harvester Pouring Grain into Trailer Towed by Tractor

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Today, thanks to the North Carolina Feed Grain Initiative, North Carolina farmers are planting some 500,000 acres more in feed grains than they did in 2010. That has cut the amount of feed imported to the state from the Midwest grain belt and overseas by nearly 19 percent. …[Read more]

Keeping North Carolina poultry and livestock producers viable long term meant breaking the decades-old tradition of importing feed grains by rail and by ship and, instead, buying local.

As you well know, North Carolina is the home of many micro breweries. It seems that all of the cities and many smaller towns have its own local brewer. This creates jobs.

It is more economical for the brewers to use grains grown as close to home as possible. This is creating a market for the local farmers to sell there grain …. more jobs created….

Molly Hamilton and Dr. Chris Reberg-Horton of the Department of Crop Science at North Carolina State University have recently developed a new fact sheet for: a. Distillers/brewers/maltsters wishing to use NC-grown grain in their product, and b. Farmers wishing to enter the local distilling/brewing/malting market.…[Read more]

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