Adventurous Educational Day

A good friend and I had an adventurous day today. We started early this morning touring gun shops. My first trip into this world in many years. My friend and I and a couple of other window shoppers were the only ones wearing masks in a total of 4 stores. One clerk actually told us that masks were un-necessary in gun shops…..Why?…..I do know a thing or 2 about guns and I was absolutely amazed as to what can be purchased across the counter. (For rabbit hunting, of course? I am not judging.) Next we toured a liquor super store…….Yes….a liquor super store (Masks required) . Bottles were package so nicely. They looked so appetizing. Bottles from around the world and local. I haven’t seen so much liquor in one place since my Grand Pa let me see his still when I was a kid. ……..It was an educational and adventurous day.
It is nice to get out and smell the roses (?) sometimes and get an insight on the real world……..We did stop to get a very good barbeque lunch……….Ice tea and Dr. Pepper…..


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